Israeli cosmetics brand – Renew – offers a wide range of skincare products for professional use. Renew offers series of products for both normal skin and skin suffering from seborrhea, acne, couperosis, dermatitis, etc. The products contain both components of modern biotechnology,  natural oils, and herbal extracts. It will not take a long time to see the positive results with these products!

We offer a variety of skincare treatments that include examination of your skin and drawing up a personalized skincare plan. The treatment also includes deep cleansing, skincare product application, a beauty mask, and cream. We can use both products of the same series, and combine products from different series to obtain a more efficient result based on your skin type. We offer a personalized home skincare plan with Renew products, which you can also purchase at our salon.


As a standard feature of aging the metabolism and microcirculation of blood in the skin deteriorates, the walls of blood vessels weaken. As a result, nutrients do not reach the deep skin layers while evacuation of metabolic substances from the body becomes complicated. The endocrine profile is changing, the sebaceous glands cannot cope with their function. The skin becomes dry, weak and sensitive. It loses its elasticity, healthy complexion and acquires wrinkles.

The GOLDEN AGE series is specially designed for skincare in cases where age-related changes are in progress. The substances contained in the product offer a comprehensive solution to the problems of aging skin.

The products of this series include carefully selected natural oils and active ingredients that help bring dry skin back to life. In addition to abundant hydration, they also help prevent age-related skin changes and improve its natural hydro-balance and immunity.


Treatment cost: 60€


This series is designed for the prevention care and treatment of oily and acne-prone skin. The products of this series tonify the tissues and prevent inflammatory bacteria growth. DERMO CONTROL contains antiseptic and skin-soothing substances that reduce functioning of the sebaceous glands, restore the skin to its natural protective function and help cleanse the pores from sebum. A positive result is guaranteed in a short time.


Treatment cost: 60€


This series is specially formulated for intensive skincare in cases where the skin suffers from acne due to the impact of propionic acid bacteria. The main task of the PROPIOGUARD series is to improve the microflora, remove comedones and other signs of acne, normalize the keratinization process in the pores, improve the skin natural hydrobalance and immunity.


Daily usage of this series’ products at home ensures a quick result. In beauty salon conditions this series is recommended for use in conjunction with the DERMO CONTROL products.


Treatment cost: 60€


Couperosis is a skin disease, that manifests itself as a group of dilated blood vessels on the skin. This disease can be provoked by a big change in temperature (from cold to warm) or a long time in a sauna or steam bath. Particularly dangerous is UV – radiation, which negatively affects the blood vessels walls. Besides, some other factors like stress, nervous breakdowns, liver diseases, pregnancy, menopause and gynecological diseases can provoke couperosis.


In the fight against couperosis, the most important goal is to strengthen the blood vessels’ walls, regulate blood pressure and microcirculation. The walls of blood vessels are thin and sensitive, so one shall proceed with extreme caution. It is necessary to carry out a chemical peeling procedure before the treatment to make sure that the necessary substances and vitamins reach the target skin layers. Vitamins P, K and C are the most important components of the REDNESS series, as they constrict blood vessels and strengthen their walls.


The products from this series help to reduce the skin edema around the eyes, as well as stimulate the extracellular matrix synthesis. The combination of natural oils promotes regeneration of the skin around eyes, revitalizes its epidural layer and creates skin protecting antioxidants. EYE LINE products smoothen and nourish the skin around the eyes, prevent early wrinkles and improve skin firmness. Cells that have lost the ability to regeneration become stronger while the skin enjoys a better regulated production of collagen.


The WHITENING series is created for removing age spots, sun spots or skin pigmentation that appeared due to pregnancy. The human body contains melanin, which is responsible for skin color and protects the skin from harmful UV-radiation. Most often, pigmentation spots appear due to excess of melanin.

The active ingredients of the WHITENING series reduce the production of melanin, which helps to get rid of pigmentation spots. As a result of the treatment, you will get a natural beautiful color, even,  smooth, and glowing skin. Please note that the use of these products reduces the skin’s natural protection against UV-radiation, therefore, we recommend this treatment for the evening. During the day we recommend using skin moisturizers with SPF 15. Results will be visible within 10-14 days.


Ultrasonic face cleansing is a gentle way to cleanse the face skin with the help of an ultrasonic device. The treatment helps to unclog pores, remove the layer of dead skin cells from the surface of the skin and restore its natural glow and freshness. Ultrasonic waves remove dead cells, evacuate the sebum, and smooth out small wrinkles. This treatment has an anti-inflammatory effect and improves blood microcirculation while lifting the skin.

Professional ultrasonic apparatus – Rio – is used for ultrasonic cleansing. For this treatment we use RENEW HYDRATION gel, which gently softens the skin before deep cleansing. The treatment is followed by a beauty mask and a moisturizer. The products are selected individually based on the patient’s skin type.